Architectural & Structural Coatings

United Structural & Architectural Finishing Co.

USA Finishing & Suraci Family; Delivering on your structural & miscellaneous coating needs for over three generation. We pride ourselves on our record, which speaks for itself. We have never had a field failure in our history and we have done this while delivering 99.8% on time. Short lead times as quickly as next day in many cases. 

Quotes turnaround in the same-day call or email for information or RFQ.

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  • In House Sandblasting / Abrasive Blasting / Lead Abatement 
  • Wet Paint & Powder Coating
  • Fluoropolymer Coatings
  • SureKote Systems 
  • Surekote-Galv 10 & 12™ Processes exceeding Color Galv Specifications
  • Metalizing
  • Fire Proofing
  • Grinding, Masking, Part Marking & Filling work
  • AESS Grade Work
  • AAMA 2603, 2604 and 2605 specifications
  • DOT, MTA, HUD, NNPA Cerified or Qualified
  • SSPC, NACE, ASTM & QP-3 Certification Coming in a few months
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Structural & Bridge Capabilities

  • Tub Girders (60T lift capacity)
  • Plate Girders
  • Structural Steel
  • Light Steel
  • Steel Plates
  • Weldments and Assemblies
  • Steel or Aluminum Piping
  • Columns
  • Highway Sign Support systems
  • Guard Rails & Light Poles
  • Dock & Marine Items Including Sheet Pilings

Misc & Ornamental Capabilities see also our fencing page

  • Stair Systems
  • Hand Rails, Safety Rails, Catwalks
  • Fencing, Bollards, Gates, Screens
  • Pedestrian walkways, Ramps & Fire Escapes 
  • Tanks, Pressure Vessels & Containers
  • Canopies, Facades & Entrance ways
  • Grills, Grates, Enclosures & Cabinetry
  • Gutter Systems & Down Spots
  • Roofing, Decking & Over hangs
  • Steel & Fire Doors systems


Assorted Projects

Typical Process

All Capabilities can be provided in both paint or powder coated finishes on most substrates, including Galvanized, Metalized & Fireproofing

Abrasive blast & Zinc Primers

SSPC-3  & Shop Primers

High Performance Coating Systems such as Three coat systems i.e. Zinc, Epoxy & Urethane final.

Clear Coat finishes over steel, aluminum, powder coat & painted surfaces.

Paint or Powder Over Galvanize Steel (100% field success rate 20yrs running) Our process our proven, tested and certified

Ask About Our SureKote™  5,10 & 20yrs Systems on Steel, Aluminum & Galvanized Surfaces


Industries Typically Serviced

·         Energy & Power

·         Railroad & Transportation

·         Construction

·         Fabricators

·         Bridge & High way

·         Marine

·         Aviation & Airport

·         Security

·         Structural and Architectural

Recent Projects

·         East Haven National Guard Pistol & Rifle Range

·         Pearl Harbor Bridge

·         West Haven Rail Yard

·         Milford, Darien & West Haven Train Stations

·         Logan Airport

·         Bradley Airport

·         Adrian’s Landing

·         Winchester Arms Fencing restoration

·         Yankee Stadium, Citi Field & Colts Stadium

·         Dozens of Schools & Universities throughout the Northeast.

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A WMBE Entity 

Trucking & Logistical Managment

"As Needed, Where Needed & When Needed"


North Haven Facility

Our North Haven Facility is over 120,000 square feet with water access, near rail yard and easy on and off Highways. Abrasive blast rooms ranging from 5500 square feet to smaller ones at 600 square feet. Large back draft spray booths with heat for curing. Ovens that can fit a tractor-trailer. Three powder & wet paint lines with robotic coaters. Pretreatment facility in house, Chromate conversion, Phosphate on line and Acid or Alkyd wash system.
Capable of blasting and coating Miles of Fencing, Railings or Guardrail per week.


Coating Types

  • Zinc Both Organic & Inorganic
  • Epoxies
  • Urethanes
  • Polyester
  • Fluoropolymer Coatings
  • Silicone Enamels
  • DTM's & Water Bourne Coatings
  • Intumesing Coatings

Common Manufactures

  • Carboline Coatings
  • PPG all Divisions
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Tnemec
  • Deveo / ICI
  • Axel Nobal
  • Tiger Drylac
  • Spraylat

"Here Size Really Doesn’t Matter" 

From your small brackets to a whole bridge we can handle it for you.


Wooster Square Arch

Powder Coated

Adrian's Landing -

Flouropolymer Finish

West Haven Arch

Three Coat Paint System


Cabela's Rails and Stairs

Powder Coated

Canterbury CT School Pool

Abrasive Blast and Tnemec Zinc Primer, epoxy Intermediate and Urethane Final Coat.


 Abrasive blasted, Zinc Primer, Epoxy Intermediate & Polyester Final Coat AKA our 20yr system.


Fract Tank

Abrasive blasted inside and out, Epozy Primer inside and out, Water sheild inside and TGIC Safety Yellow on Outside. All done in powder coated finish -

Yes it fits in our oven !!

Intumescent Fireproofed Steel Support Columns.

Pearl Harbor Bridge Tub Girders

60 Ton 110 foot Tub Girders, Abrasive blasted, Zinc Primer, Epoxy Intermediate & Urethane Top Coat


Nuclear Reactor Cover

Abrasive blast, Three Coat Paint System


Colt Stadium Railings

Abrasive blast, Zinc Primer & Top Coat TGIC Polyester Powder coated finish

Yankee Stadium Door Frames

Metalized Steel, Zinc Primer & Top Coated in a Urethane Powder Coated finish

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Short lead times as quickly as next day in many cases. Quotes turnaround in the sameday call or email for information or

860-442-6244 office,. Or sales direct 203-996-4799

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