NikLyn Corpis a design and manufacturing specialist. Our vast network of fabricators, coupled with our own capability,  allow us to deliver American Made Product lines at affordable prices and with the level of quality we expect from Made In America

Product Lines:

  • Horse Carts
  • Truck Bodies
  • Mason Dumps
  • Chip Boxes
  • Tool Boxes
  • Flat Beds
  • Trailers
  • Hitch Racks
  • PTO Wood Chippers
  • Box Scrapers & Rakes

TIM'S BOXTIM'S BOXTruckCraft BuildingTruckCraft BuildingTruckCraft BuildingALUM BODY 1ALUM BODY 2ALUM BODY 4ALUM BODY 3ALUM BODY 5ALUM BODY 6ALUM BODY 7ALUM BODY 8ALUM BODY 9ALUM BODY 10ALUM BODY 11ALUM BODY 12ALUM BODY 13ALUM BODY 14ALUM BODY 15ALUM BODY 16ALUM BODY 17ALUM BODY 18HITCH PLATE 1HITCH PLATE 4NEW ALUM BODYALUM BODY WITH TARPPATRIOT APATRIOT BPATRIOT FPATRIOT HP1010004P1010007P1010013P1010015P1010017P1010018P1010019P1010021P1010027FINISHED PRODUCT1Port tran2Port tranPort tran3Port tran1P1010001Aluminum truck rackHitch rack2Hitch rackHitch rack5Hitch rack cover5chip box on truckchip box rearchip box on truck2Horse cart5Horse cart6plainville mackplainville mackplainville leafplainville leaf boxplainville leafLEAF BOX FAB

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